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With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to bring you value with US Tax, Accounting, Payroll and Forming/Managing Business anywhere you or your business is in the United States.

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When it comes to managing your accounting and taxes, whether business or personal, being a foreigner living in the USA can add an extra layer of confusion and complexity. We specialize in guiding foreign owners of US business, foreign investors in the US, Expat in the US and non-resident in managing their finances and safeguarding their future.

Accounting relationships are based on trust. Enjoy the security of knowing that BEST OPTIONS's team prioritizes quick and high-quality customer service. We pride ourselves on responding quickly and correctly when our clients need us. We believe in providing excellent service at a reasonable price.

Accounting and tax mistakes are costly and time-consuming. Let the experts at BEST OPTIONS create a plan for managing your accounting and finances, leaving you with more free time to focus on what really matters: managing your life and your business.



Individual and Business Taxes:

  • Do you worry if your U.S. Taxes are done right? And whether your Tax Preparer has the right expertise?
  • Do you have an accountant that speaks the same language and can relate to you?
  • Is tax season a dreaded event that looms on your calendar all year and inundates your schedule? 


Accounting and Payroll:

  • Is it really efficient for you to manage your own business accounting? Many business owners spend an inordinate amount of time managing tasks that are better left to the experts.
  • Does the responsibility of ensuring that your payroll is up-to-date and accurate? Payroll mistakes can be costly and time-consuming, even delaying the dispersal of payment to employees in some cases.
  • Are you secure in your knowledge of current tax and financial regulations that affect your business and your compliance with those regulations?


Form & Manage a Business

  • Do you know which structure (LLC, C Corp, or S Corp) is best for you?
  • Do you have the most tax-efficient structure for your business, ensuring that you and your assets are fully protected?
  • Is your company in 'Good Standing'; that is, staying in compliance with Federal, State, County and City regulations?

Why Choose Us?

What Sets BEST OPTIONS Apart from the Rest

  • Rapid response

    We're always here to respond to your questions and concerns.

  • Reliable

    We pride ourselves on our precision and attention to detail.

  • Experienced

    We have years of experience in a complex international market.

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Testimonials from our clients

Working with Pascal Gibert here in the United States is a real pleasure. His professionalism, his kindness (and also the fact that he is a French speaker, let's face it ...) were determining characteristics in the choice of a good accountant.

Laurent Godet / CEO of Ariane Luxury Transportation

Pascal was introduced to me through a professional contact and I am very satisfied with his services. Having an accountant who speaks French, who is conscientious and available, and who provides efficient work at the right price, is what I wanted.  I recommend him without hesitation.

Stéphane Boisnard / CEO of Sygweb

I thank you for your services, and for the rigor that you bring to your analyses. I am delighted to have dealt with your company, which has brought a lot of serenity to the management of my business. Thank you.

Dominique Fornage / CEO of Ligier USA

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